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Washing and styling my hair was always a hassle and time-consuming. So my team and I decided to create a machine that eliminates additional time on your grooming needs. We cater to all hair types from straight, wavy, and to the tightest coils there are, we even do haircuts for the guys. Our machine also specializes in facial grooming needs such as eyebrows, beards, and eyelashes. We have different packages for every hair type which includes our salon quality products that are 100% plant-based and organic, unfortunately, getting a weekly blowout isn’t an option for most of us, but achieving salon-worthy looks at home is possible with the right hair styling tools. -Whether you are in the market for a hairdryer that cuts drying time in half, a multipurpose curling iron, or a hair smoothing volumizer, Quick Fix is all those styling tools and MORE in one machine. Our machine Provides low noise and a lifelong battery. It has an Open design with a simple and clear interface that makes it easy to operate. It is also Solar power operated which helps fight Climate Change and save energy. Additional energy savings can be achieved by running the self-cleaning function right after use. Far infrared heating provides even heat and deeper penetration of hair treatments, greatly improving the effect and speed of hairstyling, cuts, and coloring services.

Romanesco Cauliflower


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At Quick Fix our products are 100% organic and plant based. Our salon quality products are extracted from the freshest plants and hand blended. Organic products work better because they are made of healthier and more wholesome ingredients. On top of this, organic products are better for the environment. It won't irritate and dry out your scalp, making it softer and gentler on sensitive skin. Lack of chemicals will not dry your hair out and make it safe to use!

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